Yes, your air conditioning units circulate, cool and filter hundreds of thousands of gallons of air per day.
Over time, particulates, fungi, and other harmful microbes lie in this air and will collect and settle in your AC duct (the duct is the aluminum channeling usually hidden from the site behind your air vents). Sometimes you can see this dirty residue on the vents for your AC.

Service man is cleaning, repair and maintenance of air conditioner

Real Fix uses World-class technology to clean, disinfect, and protect your AC ducts. We use the latest Rotobrush® technology from the USA. The clip below demonstrates the unique ability of this machinery:
Rotobrush® has been developed in the USA over many years. This cutting-edge machine has many unique features, most notably that it is the only machine in the World that can unsettle and remove dirt at the same time. This means that when the Real Fix technicians are at work there is no inefficient and messy process of disrupting dirt and then clearing up.

Most homes today have heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. These systems must be clean in order to be at their best in terms of efficiency. Heating systems are known to work by transporting air according to the effect one is looking for. Whether they are trying to get cool air in the room with hot air replacement or vice versa. The efficiency of these systems is usually affected by their cleanliness. This is because they are basically made in such a way that they work over the circulation of air. Components include ducts, air stations, heat exchange systems, air stations, fan motors among others. All these parts require regular cleaning in order to maintain their optimal functioning. Duct cleaning is the physical cleaning of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.


We also offer AC Servicing & Coil Cleaning

The AC evaporator coil is basically a cold radiator within the indoor A/C unit that the air flows through to make it cold. Condensation on the coil causes fine dust and dirt to get stuck onto the wet coil and this deposit builds up over time. Lack of regular coil maintenance can also lead to health complications. This can make respiratory issues worse for occupants within the property and cause a lack of cooling and water leaks from the air conditioning unit itself.

We also undertake AC duct cleaning to ensure that the air is free of all of the dust and other aggravating particles and residue that build up in the systems.

Yes ac Cleaning Services is so Important for a Home

There are several reasons why a home needs duct cleaning services & why you need to keep your air duct clean. One of the main reasons is to make sure that the systems can work at their best. Parts such as engine fans cannot rotate properly if they are blocked by dust or covered with mold. The systems also have a filtration system that needs cleaning to work efficiently. In some cases, because these systems are used to influence air circulation, allowing dust to settle on them or in some cases pollen from trees may blow them into the house and inhale as part of the air. This may lead to allergies in some individuals or even respiratory diseases. Another reason for the importance of cleaning ductwork is to stop mold overstock on systems especially if there is some moisture to those that occur to insulate. Some canals are infected with rodents and vermin because they find suitable housing conditions.

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