Home Decor and Refurbishment2021-10-12T05:48:23+00:00
Home Refurbishment

Home Decor and Refurbishment

Home is where the heart is, and yours can be transformed into whatever your heart desires. Whether you want to change the way your house looks, or prepare it for selling, we can refurbish it however you like. At Real Fix, we’ll take care of all your renovation needs, in any room. Whether you want false ceilings, new lights, replastering, wall partitions, or retiling your floors – we can do that, and much more.

In case you’ve bought a new property, and it’s under construction, you have a clean slate to work with, for home interior fit-outs. You can create your home and space the way you want, without a set structure to work with – so go wild!

 If you’ve been dreaming of your home looking a certain way, we’re the ones to turn that into reality. If you don’t want to renovate your house all at once, you can always do it one room at a time, depending on what’s most urgent.

Why Choose Us?

Various home refurbishment services – specialized for each room

Professionals plumbers, electricians, and painters available for different jobs

All home makeover services available under one roof

High quality, cost effective interior decoration


Should I renovate my house, if I intend to sell it later?2021-02-12T15:25:03+00:00

Renovating your house is a sure shot way to increase its worth. Even if you don’t intend to live there long-term, a refurbished house will sell for significantly more than one without functional plumbing, electrical lines, countertops, etc.  So you can make the rest of your years in your house comfortable and luxurious, while increasing its value when you sell it later.

Should I already have a design in mind before taking on your services?2021-02-12T15:24:41+00:00

While a design is important to have in mind before the renovation begins, you can come to us without an idea of what you want your home to look like after its transformation, as well. We have designers and professionals who would be happy to consult with you, and discuss the best options for your home transformation – in terms of aesthetics and functionality, both