Toilet Seats Fitting2021-03-14T11:37:29+00:00
Toilet Seat fitting

Toilet Seats Fitting

Toilet seat fitting isn’t the most charming job. Irrespective of your familiarity with mechanics, clogged toilets and the odors that come with it can be disagreeable, to say the least. You also don’t want to sit on a wobbly toilet seat and have it fall off in the middle of your business, do you?

At Real Fix, our expert local handymen and plumbers will repair and replace your toilet seat and fix all your plumbing related problems as well, as per your convenience.

Why Choose Us?

All kinds of toilet seat repair and toilet bowl replacement

Expert plumbers and handymen for all your concerns

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Cost effective and time saving


How long do I have to wait to use the toilet after installation?2021-02-12T10:29:27+00:00

Usually, you can use the toilet immediately after its installation, unless your plumber specifies otherwise. However, it is advisable not to wash your bathroom floor 24 hours after toilet installation, so as not to disturb the seal.

Why do I keep finding a puddle of water around the base of my toilet?2021-02-12T10:29:04+00:00

This could mean that there’s a leak in your toilet seal, and it’s necessary that you call a plumber to fix this, as little leaks to lead to big damages. Your toilet setting seal might need replacement.

Why does my toilet gurgle when I flush it?2021-02-12T10:28:40+00:00

If your toilet is gurgling after being flushed, it means that air is going back up through it. This is usually concerning, because it means there’s blockage in the sewer line, toilet trap, or vent stack, where sewer gases are slowed to escape. You must call a plumber immediately.