Switches, Sockets, and Transformers Installation2021-03-14T10:31:38+00:00
Sockets installation

Switches, Sockets, and Transformers Installation

Switches need to be installed well, or they can lead to a whole lot of electrical issues, like dim lights, short circuits, and other electrical faults. Electrical socket installation is a dicey job, too. Ensuring the right kind of socket and transformer is fixed in the right place without disturbing any of the existing wiring, can be complicated.

Entrust the electricians at Realfix to install transformers, switches, and plug points for a job well done.

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How long does it take to install a new socket?2021-02-10T16:05:47+00:00

A new socket installation should take between 1-2 hours. However, it might take longer if there is considerable new wiring needed. This could be the case if it’s a new house that hasn’t been wired yet, or the wiring is old and needs replacement.

Can I change from a one way switch to a two way switch?2021-02-10T16:06:18+00:00

A one way switch is a regular switch, where you can operate a single appliance, like a light or fan, from one location. A two way switch is one where the same light can be managed from two different locations, ie there are two switch boards to regulate the appliance. You can change to two way switches for convenience, but this is a complex job that you should entrust a certified electrician with.