It wouldn’t be wrong to say that our life is powered by electricity and also it is run by the daily electrical appliance we use at home. Hence, it is obvious we want every appliance, wires, and socket to work properly for which we need electrical services. The problem in any of these things causes us trouble in getting through the day. 

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Let us see some of the common problems that we face in case of electrical failures.

Problems that we solve:

Installation of Socket and Wiring

Often we come across default in some parts of the wiring, usual sockets, and also double socket back box fitting. Which leads to a chance of electrical hazards and unsafe area. These problems need a quick and permanent fix. Our staff is on the spot and quick with this type of work with the assurance of a safe home electrical wiring plus electrical maintenance.

Home Electrical Appliances

Sometimes due to extra usage or sometimes due to improper electrical maintenance, our electrical appliance tends to get damaged and needs repair. This kind of problem might seem small but need a quick fix. All we need is electrical maintenance from time to time for the appliances that we use daily.

Installation of Electrical Appliances

We often buy new appliances for our comfort, out of which some are electrical and need installation. Which can be only done by an electrical technician. For example, you need to a bathroom exhaust fan installation, you won’t be able to do it by yourself.

Real Advantages of Electrical Services:

Saving Electricity

Improper electric appliances and default in electrics are one of the major reasons for the shocking hike in the electricity bill that you see at the end of the month. Now fixing and repairing these problems will definitely decrease the bill by some percentage. Which will help you save both electricity and money?

Assured Safety in Electrical Works

Defects caused due to improper electrical work lead to dangerous circumstances and electrical hazards. The most needed and demanded real advantages of getting electrical services and electrical maintenances measures will be safe from these dangerous problems.

Professional Electrical Service

One of the major advantages of getting an electrical service from Realfix would be that we have professionals at work for the best services. A professional electrician not only fixes the problem but also prevents them from happening in the future. 

Safety and electricity consumption will be the byproduct of electrical service from us. 

Why Realfix?

Experienced Staff

Realfix has an Electrical technician staff who has a great deal of experience in maintenance services and particularly in electrical services. Our experience in the market is what has made us the most in-demand electrical service in areas of Dubai such as Green Community Motor City, Uptown Motor City, Dubai Sports City, Victory Heights.

Skilled & Capable

Not only our Electrical technician staff is very experienced but they are also very skilled and capable of creating new designs for your electrical appliances. Skilled labor is always better than more labor and that is what exactly our staff is all about.

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Our Electrical technician staff is been to know very co-operative in any place and that is because they can be pretty flexible. The flexibility of the staff makes them very reliable for our customers which have given us great feedback and 5-star reviews from our customers.

See what our customer say

The service was efficient, accurate, and professional. I needed and double socket back box fitting. The electrical technician was easy and friendly from the beginning. I’d recommend Realfix to anyone needing electrical services or electrical maintenance from a great electrician!

– Carl

We needed some electrical fitting and installation work related to wires. The work was completed within the time scheduled. The work was professional and it was a pleasure to take up service from Realfix.

– Chloe

We have had a bathroom exhaust fan installation by Realfix. They did a great job and cleaned up later. We will be calling them again for electrical fitting and installation.

– Rashid