Outdoor and Garden Lights2021-03-14T09:53:25+00:00
Outdoor and Garden Lights Installation

Outdoor and Garden Lights

Your garden might be the loveliest part of your house, but what’s the point if you can only enjoy it in daylight? Evenings bring out magic- and you should be able to experience the glamour they bring in your own garden, too.

Whether it’s a party or a peaceful stroll alone, you can change the look of your garden or porch with subtle, or even elaborate outdoor lighting installation. You’d want a qualified electrician to do this for you, because aesthetic sense is as important as safe wiring. Installing new wiring, while ensuring your landscape doesn’t lose its charm, is not a walk in the garden. Or is it?

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Will the weather be a concern if I install lights in my garden?2021-02-10T15:49:58+00:00

Outdoor lights are exposed to heat, cold, dust, and other harsh weather conditions. This means wear and tear, or even the risk of electrocution and shorty circuits. Using regular bulbs and electrical fixtures might be unsafe, since they’re built to be used on the inside.  It’s important to install fixtures and lights that are weather resistant and have specifications meant for the outdoors.

What type of lights are best for outdoor lighting?2021-02-10T15:49:26+00:00

It’s best to install LED lights outdoors, since they used modern technology, last long, and emit bright light. They also don’t heat up, and that’s a massive advantage for outdoor lighting.