Commercial and Industrial Painting2021-03-14T11:49:02+00:00
Commercial Interior Painting

Commercial & Industrial Painting

Projects at different locations and scales require different skill and expertise. Your shop, office building, or restaurant requires care and attention different from your home, and at Realfix, we assure you that we have it.

If  your restaurant chain has a certain color scheme, we can make sure that’s done consistently, too. Whether it’s interior or exterior, the design of your commercial building matters. Hire our reliable, professional painters to paint your restaurant, shop, shopping mall, gym, or any kind of commercial building,

Why Choose Us?

Trusted professional painters with industrial painting experience

Efficient and consistent commercial painting services

All kinds of paint and painting services available

Value for money


How long will painting my commercial building take?2021-01-31T08:35:09+00:00

This depends entirely on the size and structure of the building, and the kind of services you require. Larger buildings and spaces with more colors and patterns will obviously take longer to paint than their simpler counterparts. We can give you an estimate once we have visited the site.

What color should I paint my store?2021-01-31T08:34:43+00:00

This depends on what you’re selling. Red and other warm colors make one feel a sense of urgency and hunger, even, so a food store can have elements of red in it. If you cater to a younger population, you should use bright colors in your store, as children and younger people are attracted to bright, bold colors.