Bath and Shower Screen Fitting2021-03-14T11:04:55+00:00
Bathtub Fitting & Installation

Bath and Shower Screen Fitting

A quick, cold shower will get you up and running when you need it, while a long, rejuvenating bath is all you need to unwind at the end of a long day – until you flood the entire bathroom. Bath and shower screens are modern, more favorable alternatives to shower curtains. They are glass screens and enclosures fitted beside your bathtub or shower, and make sure water is contained inside the enclosure, as long as it’s well installed. 

The correct fixtures matter, too. The right kind of shower head determines the difference between a lukewarm trickle and high-pressure jets of water, while the right bathtub can give you the most comfortable bathing experience.

Decisively, your bathroom fittings play a significant role in determining what your day holds for you.

At Real Fix, we provide you with all kinds of bathroom renovation and fixing services, including bathtub installation, shower screen fitting, and shower door fitting. All your bathroom fixture concerns are solved by the same local handyman!

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Are bath screen installations safe for families with young children?2021-02-14T12:25:06+00:00

Definitely. Shower screens are made of toughened glass, and have smooth edges that won’t hurt your child. If you’re still concerned about it getting in the way after your kids take a bath, you can opt for a folding shower screen and tuck it away when needed!

Do shower screens need much aftercare?2021-02-14T12:24:26+00:00

While shower screens don’t need much maintenance, it is advised to wipe them down after your bath to make sure the water and steam don’t leave any long-term stains.

What are the different types of bath and shower screens that I can get?2021-02-14T12:22:49+00:00

There are several different kinds of glass panels that you can use for your shower screen fitting. There are single panel, double panel, and folding screens that you can get fitted as per your suitability.