A new space reeks of potential, while an old one gives ample scope for redesigning. You can design your home, office, or commercial space as you want with our fitout, renovation, and refurbishment services.

Whether you’re bored of the way your home looks, or you’ve bought a new space without the constraints of walls, we can help you design it to your tastes, hassle-free. We can create wall partitions, and optimize your space, while making it more aesthetic. We can renovate your whole house, or parts of it – like your bathroom, kitchen, or separate rooms.

As for an office space, we can help boost your productivity by making the best use of the space and budget you have. We can construct glass partitions and cubicles, wall panels, and much more.

All our renovation services are in-house,a s we also have a team of electricians, plumbers, handymen, and painters.

Give your home and work space a fresh, new look with the fitout, renovation, and refurbishment services at Real Fix in Dubai, UAE.

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Specialist teams

Our specialist teams can renovate and fitout your home or office to exacting requirements. We have worked with villas and apartments across Dubai, and have the expertise to manage permissions and technical matters where they are required.

Specialist skills

Make your home or workplace the haven that you have always dreamed of. Our specialist skills include the following:

  • Renovation and/or installation of new fitted kitchens
  • Updating, renovating and replacement of bathrooms
  • Installation of partitions to create new living/working spaces
  • Adaptations to existing buildings, including extensions and alterations
  • Creation of bespoke functional office areas
  • Repair and redecoration of existing and new fabric

Special trust

We know that you place a lot of trust in the professionals who have access to your property, and that your home is dear to you. We invest the same amount of care in your property as we would in our own.

Every time we fitout or renovate, we treat each case as a special project. You get a project plan, we agree to detailed timescales – and stick to them. If there is any change to the plan, that you might sometimes require, we revisit and reissue it.

Special finishing touches

We believe that the finishing touches are the best indicators of quality. Each project is meticulously examined and inspected before completion, to ensure the perfect finish.

Bathroom Refurbishment

Bathroom Refurbishment

Commercial Refurbishment

Commercial Refurbishment & Fitout

Home Refurbishment

Home Decor & Refurbishment

Kitchen Refurbishment

Kitchen Refurbishment

Office Refurbishment

Office Refurbishment

Partition walls Renovation

Partition Walls

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