Air Conditioner Installation2021-03-14T07:48:06+00:00
ac installation

Why should I use an air conditioner?

The UAE is a marvel built on a desert, so temperatures soar and drop to extremes. High temperatures can be detrimental to your health, as human beings cannot automatically adjust their body temperature. An air conditioner will help you regulate the temperature of your environment to suit your comfort levels, while improving the quality of your life in many other ways.

AC unit installations can also help bring in fresh air, when maintained and serviced regularly.  Along with affecting your health positively, this aids increased productivity and more relaxing sleep cycles.

HVAC installation, hence, can impact your health and improve your lifestyle!

What issues can I face with AC Installation?

AC fixing has great advantages, but the process can come with a bunch of problems. Split AC installation can be messy, and damage the wall you’re mounting it on. Along with this, if not installed well, it can have water leaks that can rot the insides of the wall, and gather moss and fungus. All of these are not only frustrating, but also hazardous to your health, as well as electrical fittings and infrastructure.

At Real Fix, we ensure that you face none of these issues with your AC unit installation.

Why Choose Us?

We care. Your health is our priority, so we do our best to provide you with the best AC vent cleaning services by

Trained and certified professionals

Quick responses and efficient services

Energy-efficient AC installation units for optimum cooling experience

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When should I replace my air conditioning unit?2021-03-02T08:01:24+00:00

If you feel your AC cooling levels deteriorating, or notice that your maintenance costs are increasing significantly, maybe it’s time to replace your AC unit. However, before taking a decision as big as replacement, contact our experts to see whether there are other options available.

How long do air conditioners last?2021-03-02T08:00:52+00:00

Home air conditioners usually last between 10-15 years, but can last even longer with regular servicing and maintenance.

How long does it take for an AC unit installation?2021-03-02T07:59:21+00:00

The process of installing an AC unit usually takes between 4-8 hours, so the process of removing the old unit, transportation, and AC fixing shouldn’t take more than a day.