Light Fixture Repair & Replacement2021-03-14T09:45:34+00:00
light fixtures repair and replacement

Light Fixture Repair & Replacement

Lighting, no matter how much easier it makes our life, can fail us sometimes. Whether it’s flickering bulbs, or dim lights, replacing your light fixture can change the entire look of a room. The qualified electricians at Realfix will efficiently replace your ceiling lights, or repair any of your other light fittings, at any time you need them.

Why Choose Us?

Certified electricians for efficient changing of a light fitting

High quality and versatile electrical services

Quick responses, 24×7 availability

Cost effective light fixture repair


Will older light fixtures be compatible with bulbs that use modern technology?2021-03-02T09:37:59+00:00

Manufacturers have created new bulbs such that it is convenient for consumers with old fixtures to use the, too. Most new bulbs are compatible with regular, medium-sized socket and fixtures. If at all any changes are required, our electricians will let you know.

How long will it take to replace a light fixture?2021-03-02T09:37:31+00:00

If you don’t have extra fittings to change – like rewiring, or fitting a fixture with a different design than the original, your light fixture replacement should typically be done in less than 2 hours.