Water is the purest form of energy and how you store your water is very important. 

The Most Demanded Water Tank Cleaning Services in Dubai

Problems you face due to an unclean tank

Gross smell

Most of the tanks which go uncleaned for months develop some green moss over time which results in stinking water. The stink could cause permanent damage to the entire tank as it is very resilient and hard to get rid-off. Realfix water tank cleaning services have not only got rid of the smell but also made it smell like freshwater.

Rusty color water

As we know that water is run through steel pipes to the water tanks. The pipers over the time go rusty and the base of rust is settled into the water tank. This is the run that your water tastes rusty and sometimes you can even see some rust particles settled in the base of the water tank.

Waterborne Disease

The most common yet most important aspect which is neglected is that uncleaned water tanks can lead to very severe diseases caused by waterborne diseases. This is supposed to be one of the primary reasons for which you should call up for water tank cleaning services.

Realfix is of the leading water tank cleaning services in Dubai. The team at Realfix is dedicated to giving high-quality level service and understands the importance of safe freshwater.

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How Realfix cleanses your Water Tanks

Step 1

Cleansing of the surrounding from which most of the waterborne diseases could enter the water tank. Making the surroundings ensures safety from such waterborne diseases.

Step 2

Getting all the water out of the tank through a suction machine that pulls out all the water in the tank for the further process. This step is very important for proceeding to the next step.

Step 3

Taking out the Sludge. Now the sludge is all the green moss & the rust particles which settle overtime. In this step we ensure not even a single particle of the sludge remains in the tank.

Step 4

Scrubbing the tank is one of the most essential steps in the process. After taking out the sludge it is often noticed that there are stains of rust and green moss in the inner surface of the water tank. Scrubbing ensures removals of such stains.

Step 5

High-pressure water jet cleaning is done after the scrubbing of the tank. It is done to properly oxygenate the entire tank make cleaner than before.

Step 6

Spraying of Anti-bacterial substances in the water tank to ensure that there are no bacteria left in the tank. Spraying the anti-bacterial also kills all the germ inside the tank.

Reason People Choose Our Services

Surprising Service Rates

While other water tank cleaning services charge a hefty amount a good quality cleaning service. We on the other hand surprise our customers with affordable and reasonable rates on our services. We are one of the most affordable service providers in Al Furjan, Business Bay, Corniche Road, International city, Dubai Hills Estate, Lake Almas East, Emirates hill Dubai, Five Palm Jumeirah, marina gate Dubai, and Dubai Media City.

Guaranteed results

Realfix guarantees the result of freshness in water cleansing the water tanks. We know the results of our dedicated services, hence we are so sure of the results we bring to the table. Our services leave a long-lasting effect.

See how Hydrated our customers are…

The freshwater after the tank was cleansed by Realfix speaks about how effective their services have been.

– Mehraj

Realfix were very quick and efficient with their service which is by far the best water tank cleaning services I have seen in Dubai.

– Omar

They not only guarantee a clean water tank but they also made the surrounding of the tank clean and safe from waterborne diseases. I am very impressed with how serious Realfix is with their commitments.

– Shahid