Kitchen Refurbishment2021-03-14T10:46:59+00:00
Kitchen Refurbishment

Kitchen Refurbishment

Kitchens hold the soul of your home, with meals cooked with love. If your paint has faded, kitchen tiles cracked, appliances malfunctioning, and faucets leaking, the cheerlessness is bound to affect how you feel, too. 

If your kitchen has all of these tiny issues coming together at once, it might be time for a kitchen remodel. At Real Fix, our professionals will replace your sink, change your plumbing, retile your kitchen floors and walls, replaster, put up cabinets, and put in new sockets for all your electrical appliances. What’s more, they’ll ensure your existing fixtures don’t sustain damage, if you want to keep them the way they are.

Why Choose Us?

Electrical services administered by licensed electricians

Efficiently and neatly done kitchen renovation

Plumbing and drainage work done by professional plumbers

Cost effective, high quality kitchen makeovers


What is the most important feature I should invest in while remodeling my kitchen?2021-02-13T10:05:26+00:00

We suggest you invest in storage, as any kitchen needs the most of that.You can choose to install cabinets and shelves both – no storage is too much storage. Especially if you have children, there will always be extra tidbits for them to munch on and experiment with, and that needs space.

What do I need to do before my kitchen renovation work begins?2021-02-13T10:04:42+00:00

Before the kitchen refurbishment professionals arrive, you should empty your kitchen of all cooking ingredients, food, and appliances. Take away any furniture too, if possible. However, if the cabinets etc are too heavy to move, our professionals will make sure there’s a protective covering on it before work starts, to avoid dust and paint splatter damaging it.