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Bathtub Water leakage Repair

Leaks fixing

Water leaks can be detrimental to the wooden foundation of your house, if left ignored for too long. The moisture from leaks can lead to the growth of mold and fungus, along with breeding mosquitoes, not to mention the addition to your water bill every month.

Of course, fixing your water leaks time and again will pinch your pocket too, leaving aside the inconvenience it will cause. You may as well get a great plumbing service to repair your leaking pipes and save on future costs, right?

At Real Fix, we repair all plumbing leakage and ensure you never have to deal with it again.

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I can hear water running inside my walls. What does that mean?2021-02-12T09:37:35+00:00

If there’s no source of water near the wall you can hear water running in, there’s a possibility that a nearby water pipe has broken. Call a plumber immediately, before any damage is caused to your wall or home foundation.

How do I know whether a leakage is concerning?2021-02-12T09:37:11+00:00

All water leaks are concerning in the long run, whether big or small. Continuous moisture can weaken foundations and rot wood, along with being a breeding ground for fungus. It is important to get water leaks repaired as soon as possible.

Where can I find plumbing leaks?2021-02-12T09:36:40+00:00

You might be able to see leaks anywhere close to a water source in your home. Check your dishwasher, the base of your sink, beneath kitchen cabinets, and around your water heater for leakage.