Sinks Fitting and Basin Replacement2021-03-14T12:32:35+00:00
Sink Drain Fitting and replacement

Sinks Fitting and Basin Replacement

You’ve got your entire bathroom refurbished with the designs and fixtures of your choice, but one question remains. What about the sink?

Deciding on bathroom or kitchen sink replacement can be a sticky situation, because it isn’t just about what you see. There is a network of sink pipe fittings that need to be dealt with for efficient sink and faucet functioning, and it’s a job easy to botch up.

Leakages from sinks and basins are common, and can not only ruin the aesthetic of your bathroom or kitchen, but also lead to foul smells and the growth of fungus. This can be unpleasant, and discolor your sink permanently, too. Whether you need to make a new sink, or replace an old one, at Real Fix, our trusted team of plumbers will ensure that your basin replacement is done perfectly.

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Can I switch from a double basin to a single one?2021-03-02T10:44:15+00:00

Kitchen sinks can either have two small sinks for different kinds of washing, or one large one. It isn’t too difficult to switch from a double sink to a single sink, as long as the dimensions of your sink and countertop purchases are correct. You can ask our experts at Real Fix more about kitchen sink replacement.

How long does sink installation take?2021-02-12T10:12:05+00:00

If your sink has cracks, or is broken, it shouldn’t take more than 5 hours to replace it with one that fits into the same slot. However, more changes add time – whether it’s installing a sink of a different size, adding new plumbing, or faucet replacement.