Drain Pipe Replacement2021-03-14T12:11:37+00:00
Drain Pipe Replacement

Drain Pipe Replacement

Broken drain pipes can be messy, and even dangerous. They can be concerning, especially if they hinder your bathroom or kitchen usage. Other than the inconvenience they cause because of leakage and foul smells, they can even lead to the growth of fungus and mold. They’re eyesores, yes, but the water leakage can cause breeding of mosquitoes, and we all know the diseases they carry.

The water leakage can also damage the foundation of your building, and weaken other building materials and fittings. Overall, a cracked pipe can lead to all sorts of extra expenses, if not taken care of in time.

Look no further to replace your bathroom sink drain pipe. At Real Fix, we have all kinds of plumbing services, including drain pipe repair and sewer line replacement.

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Can I delay my sewer line replacement by cleaning the pipe out on my own?2021-02-12T09:47:29+00:00

Cleaning out your drain pipe yourself with a drain cleaner might make your sewer pipe problems worse. If your sewer line has collapsed, pouring drain cleaner down it will not improve the flow of wastewater. Instead, the chemicals will sit in the pipe and dissolve it. This will result in the chemicals penetrating the ground beneath the pipe. This corrosion might increase your replacement costs as well.

Also, if you turn on the water to flush the pipe after having poured the cleaner, the water, containing chemicals, can back up, and could cause injury and damage.

Instead of trying to clear the pipe on your own, it is best to consult a professional plumber at Real Fix.

How do I know my drain pipe needs replacement?How do I know my drain pipe needs replacement?2021-02-12T09:45:59+00:00

A single drain being slow might just mean it’s clogged and needs cleaning. However, if you’ve noticed that all the drains in your bathroom or kitchen are slow, or you often deal with backups of waste water, it might be time for drain pipe replacement.

How long will it take to replace my sewer pipe?2021-02-12T09:45:24+00:00

The amount of time it takes to replace an entire sewer line will vary from property to property depending on the soil, the quality of its placement originally, the type of damage, and the age and type of pipes, too. Depending on this, replacement could take a couple of days.