Does your kitchen tiling have gaps and cracks, that’s weakening it? Or is your grout dirty, taking away the charm of your tiles? It isn’t a cause for concern, because your bathroom and kitchen can be easily refreshed with a little grouting. Fill in gaps, smooth out uneven finishes, and refresh old tile grout with our grout restoration services. 

You can make your tiles stronger, and more long-lasting, if they’re grouted during tile installation itself. 

At Real Fix, we provide tile grouting services for your bathroom, kitchen, or any other space that needs grout restoration. Whether you want to replace old grout, fill in gaps, or you need grout cleaning, we can provide the service for you.

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Efficient and quick grouting services

Grout cleaning, refurbishment, and replacement services available

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Cost effective grouting


What are the different types of grout?2021-02-14T07:03:24+00:00

There are different types of grout available for different grout spaces and tiles. Sanded grout is ideal for larger spaces that need to be filled between tiles, while unsanded grout is better for smaller spaces. Epoxy grout, on the other hand, is best for tiling for pools, countertops, and patios.

What is grout, and why do I need it?2021-02-14T07:02:52+00:00

Grout is a filler used in the spaces between tiles, and the process of doing that is called grouting. Grouting has a number of advantages, and it’s important to grout while you’re installing tiles, itself. Grouting can help you get a smooth finish for your tiles, and strengthen them, while preventing dirt from getting under them.