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Partition walls Renovation

Partition Walls

Sometimes, a room is too large, and that in itself is a limitation. You know the vast area can be better used, but how versatile can a single room be, without looking too crowded?Create extra workspace, or divide a room for some leisure space for yourself, by adding a wall partition.

If it’s an office, divide your space to make individual cubicles and workstations with our glass partition walls, for a sleek appearance. Privacy with efficient space usage is the dream, isn’t it? Hire our handymen at Real Fix for your wall partitions, and we’ll assure you of your high standards being met.

Why Choose Us?

Repair, installation, and painting of wall partitions also done

All kinds of wall partitions, including glass cubicles and separators, made

Efficient installation of room separators

Cost effective wall partition services


What kind of partition walls can you install in my home?2021-02-13T09:57:25+00:00

Partition walls can be of different lightweight materials, including aerated concrete blocks, drywall, and glass. Whether you install a partition wall with a smooth or textured finish depends entirely on your preferences. You can even install folding and movable partition walls if required.

Can I soundproof a room with partition walls?2021-02-13T09:56:52+00:00

Partition walls are thin and lighter than brick walls, so it’s difficult to soundproof a room with them. Thicker, more dense materials absorb sound and can bear the load of soundproofing materials, while partition walls can’t.