Electrical Fault Finding2021-03-14T08:28:56+00:00

Electrical Fault Finding

If you face electrical issues often, it’s important to get them checked out by a qualified electrician. Whether they’re frequent short circuits, voltage fluctuations, or fuse blows, the issue could look small, but also be potentially dangerous. It may result in permanent electrical damage to your home or office.

Most electrical faults including fuse box tripping, light installation faults, etc. can be dealt with by the same electrician. At Realfix, we provide versatile electrical services who conduct precise electrical fault finding processes, and help you resolve them.

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How is electrical fault finding done?2021-02-09T12:33:05+00:00

Your electrical appliances and fittings will be inspected for loose connections, and signs of burning or moisture. If no obvious faults are detected, an in-depth electrical fault finding will be carried out. Once these tests are completed, more complex work will be done for its resolution, if required.

Why am I experiencing electric faults?2021-02-09T11:02:48+00:00

Electrical faults are when electrical operations malfunction due to equipment failures. They can be caused due to multiple reasons, like weather conditions, especially lightning and heavy rains, equipment failures like old wiring and short circuits, and human error during installation.