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Flooring Tiling

Floor Tiling and Maintenance

Tiles have so many different patterns and styles – at least one for each mood! As seasons (and trends) change, you might want to choose more fashionable tiles, and change the look of your kitchen and bathroom.

Whether you’re renovating, bought a new house, or just need some retiling, we’re here for your tiling needs. And we don’t just leave it at tile fitting – we help maintain them, too! Cracked, broken, or scratched tiles – we offer tile maintenance services as well.

Look no further if any part of your house or pool needs retiling or tile maintenance – we’re just one call away.

Why Choose Us?

Efficient retiling and tile maintenance services under one roof

Tiling for any part of your home – bathroom, kitchen, or swimming pool

High quality tiling and maintenance

Cost effective tiling services


How can I maintain my tiles at home?2021-02-13T11:52:29+00:00

You can make sure your tiles don’t deteriorate quickly by taking care of them yourself. Clean them regularly, with different cleaning materials for different tiles. For example, use pH neutral soap for natural stone tiles so that their finish isn’t dulled. Cleaning them will remove excess dirt that comes from food, shoes, and more. If your tiles still have scratches and dents, make sure you call a professional for maintenance soon, because a stitch in time saves nine.

How do I know what tiling to choose for my kitchen?2021-02-13T11:51:36+00:00

It is best to use ceramic tiles in the kitchen, as they’re often durable and scratch-resistant. This is important as kitchens are cooked in, and have high traffic. If your kitchen is large, use larger tiles, and vice versa for smaller ones, to make sure your kitchen doesn’t look too crowded and overwhelming.