Shelves Installation2021-03-14T11:18:24+00:00
Floating Shelves installation

Shelves Installation

Shelves are a principal element in giving your home a sleek look, and keeping it uncluttered. Store-bought shelves can be difficult to install yourself, in keeping with weight, positioning, and hardware. If mounted wrongly, it can ruin the aesthetic of a room and make it look chaotic.

Other than the charm a well installed shelf adds to a room, its sturdiness is what matters the most. You don’t want to place your books on your brand new floating shelf and have it crash. Hanging floating shelves can be challenging. At Real Fix, we have local handymen especially for wall shelf installation. They will advise you on the technicalities, and get the job done efficiently.

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Shelf mounting services performed effectively on any wall

Install any type of shelf – including glass shelves, bathroom shelves, bookshelves, pull-out shelves etc

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Certified local handymen with expertise in wall shelf installation

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Where can I hang floating shelves?2021-02-14T11:53:53+00:00

Floating shelves look great, and are also very convenient, while saving space. You can use them in bathrooms, in your home office, in children’s rooms and nurseries, or even in-between spaces to get some extra storage!

What can I keep on floating shelves?2021-02-14T11:53:28+00:00

Floating shelves are strong, but not as sturdy as regular shelves, as there is less surface area for the fittings to hold the shelf down. The amount of weight a floating shelf can hold depends largely on the thickness, materials used and the quality of work while it’s being mounted. Shelf brackets of 18mm with 28mm shelf can support a load of 30kgs.

What is a floating shelf?2021-02-14T11:53:01+00:00

A floating shelf is a kind of shelf where screws and other fixings are not visible, as they are hidden behind the shelf board. They occupy little space and give the room a clean look.