Sealing Baths, Sinks and Showers2021-03-14T13:10:12+00:00
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Sealing Baths, Sinks, and Showers

Having unsealed showers and sinks can lead to moisture build up on your walls and around your bath area. This can cause mildew and mold, which thrive and reproduce in a damp atmosphere. Needless to say, the health hazards of mold infestations are endless. 

Get your bathroom resealed, and make sure there are no leakages around your  showers, and other water outlets with our sealing services. Administered by professionals, the sealants used are of the highest quality, and your shower screens and other bathroom fixtures are sealed well.

Why Choose Us?

Efficient shower screen, sink, and bath sealing services

Availability of handymen according to your convenience

Highest quality bathroom sealant used

Cost effective sealing services


Can a new silicone sealant be applied over the old one?2021-02-14T07:21:20+00:00

Applying new sealant over the old one is not recommended, as there’s a possibility that the old sealant has cracked and broken. If that is the case, there will be a leakage no matter how many times you apply a sealant on top. At the same time, putting new sealant without removing the old one will look extremely messy.

How are sink drains sealed?2021-02-14T07:20:26+00:00

Sink drains usually use silicone based sealant, or using plumber’s putty. The area between the body of the drain, and the surface of the sink is sealed to ensure that there is no water dripping under the sink.