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Interior Painting

Your walls speak volumes about your home. Every room demands a different vibe, and the colors on your walls aid in creating it. Bedrooms ask for comfort and intimacy, while your living room should be welcoming to guests. Kitchen’s must be warm, to put you in a happy, cooking mood, and your passages should be just the right shade to bind the different rooms in your house together.

That’s why, we, at Realfix, have painters willing to listen, and understand what you want your walls to reflect. With expertise and understanding, they’ll help you pick the shades and patterns that work best for you.

Why Choose Us?

Experienced painters, with a good understanding of interior and home painting

Quick and efficient residential painting services

No mess – neat and clean interior painting

Value for money


How often should I paint my house interior?2021-02-04T12:41:52+00:00

Your house should be painted once every 5-7 years, to make sure it’s maintained well, and there’s no damage, irrespective of the durability of the paint itself.

How do I select a paint color?2021-02-04T12:40:48+00:00

Selecting a color is arguably the toughest part of painting your home. The first factor to consider is lighting. A room with lesser natural lighting will appear brighter when painted with a light color. Dark colors are better suited for larger rooms, as they give a more cozy feel. Similarly, all shades bring a different character to the room, and the factors mentioned above should be considered while picking a color.

The smell of paint gives me a headache. What can I do?2021-02-04T12:39:16+00:00

Wall paint can have a very strong odor, and it can give many people headaches and allergic reactions. However, now there are odorless paints available, that will not irritate your senses. You can always opt for these paints to paint your house.