Cleaning clothes is an arduous task, and our team at Real Fix is often called out to see if we can repair a washing machine. Quite often, it is something as simple as the machine needing to be cleaned, which makes your clothes smell damp and musty.  These are our top tips for stopping this from happening:

First things first, check your washing machine to see if there are any specific instructions for your make and model. If not, we suggest;

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1.    Remove the detergent drawer. Soak it in hot water, using an old (albeit clean) toothbrush to remove any residue or mold that you may find lurking in the drawers and outside them. Rinse it and leave it to dry before replacing it.

2.    Some machines may have a sanitizing cycle.  If yours doesn’t, set it on the hottest wash with the longest cycle available. Add a cup of white vinegar to the drum, before starting the machine and allowing it to finish. This is a natural antibacterial and antiseptic, great for cleaning dirt away.

3.    As soon as the cycle has finished, stop the machine and allow the drum to air dry.  Repeat step number 2 if a smell remains.

4.    With a damp cloth, clean the rubber around the drum. This may be rather unpleasant as you may find everything from coins to mold that needs to be removed.