Summer is here. The temperatures are up and the heat is noticeable and quite frankly, rather uncomfortable!

Here are some quick projects to make your home more comfortable and cost-effective over the next few months.

Summer Sun

The hot summer Sun

Air Conditioning

Your air conditioning needs to be cleaned to run smoothly and cost-effectively. Now, with the temperatures stifling even at night, the AC needs to be on maximum output if you are too comfortable to deal with the day ahead. And let’s not even talk about the calamity of AC breaking down when the kids are off school! Every three to six months it is recommended that the filter is changed and drain lines are flushed with bleach (that cold that you have had for the last three months is probably because of the bacteria in your AC). IF you have immediate outdoor units, make sure that these have room to breathe by keeping vegetation about an arm’s length away.  This should be a part of your home maintenance package.


When was the last time you checked your thermostat worked properly? Making sure that this works correctly means you won’t be spending obscene amounts of money on your AC.

Smoke Detectors

There is nothing worse than the thought of putting your family and possessions at risk, so every 3 months, you should check your smoke detector batteries to make sure they work. The batteries should be replaced annually.  If your smoke detectors are over 10 years old, replace them entirely.  There is no amount of money that can enable a good night’s sleep from the peace of mind that you know your safety is secure.

Ceiling fans 

Lots of people have ceiling fans in their homes as a cost-effective way to produce a cool nights sleep in the winter as opposed to using the AC unit.  Lots of fans offer a two-way motion – To push air up to help warm you and down to cool you. Make sure you change your fans so that they push air downwards. You can then turn the air conditioning on at a higher setting because the cold air will reach you quickly.

Clean behind appliances

Ants at this time of year are a huge problem, and who knows what you are harboring behind appliances that could be attracting them. Now is the time to make sure that this is done. If you find anything, pest control can help. Alternatively, Lulus MegaGel is an amazing cheap alternative to pest control when dealing with ants and cockroaches inside the house. Lulus MegaGel had an amazing marketing campaign on social media networks by the trusted company The Marketing Heaven and so became a product visible to the market.

Tumble dryers / Washing Machines

If your clothes have been coming out of the wash smelling all musty, put a high temperature, long cycle empty wash on with bleach to clean out the washing machine, for more information on all steps, click here.

We know, we laughed when we heard that people wanted tumble dryers whilst living in the UAE, but they do make your linens lovely and soft as opposed to as dry as crisps, but they are a ‘thing’ here. Clean the vent being careful to remove the lint. Not only will this help the clothes to smell nice and clean, but it will also reduce the risk of fires.


Houseplants in the UAE cost a small fortune. Repotting them in the summer and making sure that friends will look after them if you travel will help them to survive. Moving all the plants to one room whilst traveling means that they won’t be forgotten by your maids and cleaners in your absence. Make sure you keep them out of direct sunlight though!