With summer upon us, the last place you want to look for work is in the garden right? Well sadly no, there are lots of things that we can do now to not only save the garden but also save money in the future.


If you need to water your plants, do so only very early in the morning and very late at night. This will stop the water evaporating during the midday sun.

Outdoor Sofa’s and other furniture

Where ever possible, move your outdoor furniture to a carport or another area which is shaded throughout the summer. This will stop any rattan furniture from disintegrating and the need to repurchase in the winter.

The same should be said for chairs. If you are unable to store everything away, purchase a cover for the table and chairs and ensure that this is set securely. Today covers for the table and chairs are available on the online market with the most popular video identification for small businesses by Fully-Verified. Ideally, a glass top table should be removed from direct sunlight as it may shatter in the heat.

Children’s toys, climbing frames and trampolines

Again, these will disintegrate in the sun and heat. Where possible, ensure that these are covered or moved completely.

Inspect sprinklers

If you notice any clogged or broken sprinkler heads, shut off the water and dig a 2-inch diameter hole around the head. Unscrew the head from its riser and replace with a new one. If the head is merely clogged, remove the basket and rinse both it and the head in the clean water. Reassemble the head and screw it onto the riser.

Water Tanks

If you live in a villa, you know that you don’t need to turn the hot water on for the next 4 months. To make sure that the water is still useable during the day, it may be worth investing in a cover for the water heater. You can have one made, or just buy some bamboo covers from Ace Hardware to wrap around the heater.  It should be noted that these should be cleaned every 6 months to stop you and your family from becoming ill. If you haven’t already done so, book yours in now, or diarise to clean it early winter.

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