Mostly, during summers all we need is some cool and fresh air. Even though the fans are on, we still crave for some cool air. In order to satisfy our need, we install such a device which gives us not only cool air but also fresh and purified air. This device is none other than an air conditioner. Most of us have air conditioners or AC installed at our house or workplace. We always need an AC to keep us cooled down throughout the summer.

After buying an AC the first thing we think about is its installation. Where to install it? Where to pass out the water pipe so that it doesn’t bother others? Many more. We need proper planning while installing an AC. So that it not only doesn’t bother others but also us in the coming future. There are particularly some aspects that we need to keep in mind during an AC installation.


As discussed we need to keep things in mind while installing an AC. Some of the points are stated below.


    According to gravity, everything is pulled down towards the earth. But in the case of AC’s, they are hung on the wall. In order to keep them in its place safe we need to assure that the wall has that strength. It has that much power to keep up the AC in its place.


    There are two main types of AC. split and window. While installing a window AC we need to keep in mind about the space we leave between the wall and the AC. In split AC, this is not important but while installing a window AC, this needs to be kept in mind. This will allow the air to pass back and forth the AC. which will in turn keep the house cool.


    When you install the AC, the height from the ground matters. If you install the AC too low the air won’t spread in the entire room. If you install it too high it will spread the air only in a single manner. In order to spread the air in the entire room the correct height is 7-8 feet.


    After the height the angle is what matters next. During AC installation, we place it in a tilted angle. We normally don’t notice it but the Ac installed everywhere is not straight but a bit tilted. In order to pass on the air in the entire room the AC needs to be tilted. The angle unit needs to be considered to place the AC correctly. Once done, you need not worry about the fresh and cool air filling your rooms.


    In order to get cool air inside, the outdoor unit takes in the hot air and then converts it into cool air. This cool air is then passed on through the indoor unit which is our AC. in order to help both the units function properly and smoothly, the distance and placement of them should be proper. The units should be placed properly at a fixed distance and fixed angle.

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