Each room in your home is of a different purpose, and the lighting choices reflects those purposes in a bright manner. Some areas such as the kitchen and/or laundry room require task-oriented lighting, while others like living rooms are better suited for more indirect, overall light. This suggests the fact that the type of fixtures, intensity of light, and location of lighting should all be different according to the spaces.

Modern day lighting plays a very important role in interior design, as it not only enhances everything in a room – from furniture, to the flooring and fittings, it also gives the vibe of a warm, inviting and functional atmosphere in your living space. Many tend to ignore this facet of home decor, but the importance of lighting is felt most when not done properly. Lighting does not only mean illuminating the house these days, it is much more than that.

So let us have a look at all the best lighting points in different rooms and areas of your house –


    The kitchen in any house is the place where almost all the work takes place. Thus , the lighting in your kitchen should be placed at points where required the most. Areas where the chopping takes place can be a good point of fixing a light. Also the area above the sink where the washing and cleaning takes place should be illuminated adequately for proper vision. Small lights can be placed in intervals all along the kitchen to segregate the lighting all over.


    The living room is the place where parties take place. You watch movies and play games and sometimes take a quick nap. So, the lighting in your living room should be fixed in such a manner that there are no shadows over the TV or on your photo frames causing strain in your eyes. Every light should be equally placed so as to give the living room an elegant and bright look.


    A bathroom always needs bright lights. Wrong lighting in a bathroom can cause unwanted shadows and can cause inevitable accidents as well. Do not place lights above your mirrors and keep the light points in a way that the brightness scatters evenly across the bathroom.


    The dining room is the place where socializing is done and where meaningful conferences and family events take place. Hence, the lighting points in your dining room are of the utmost importance. A nice and fancy chandelier can be both beautiful and attractive. Given good lighting and an attractive look, the dining room can become the most looked up area in your house.


    Hallways do not need much lighting as such, so it can be accepted that you place lights at far intervals in your hallways. For a more attractive look, you can hang lanterns at equal intervals in your hallways using dim lights. This will cost less, look good and solve your hallways lighting problem altogether.


It is necessary that you don’t always focus on just one aspect of lighting in your house. Whether it’s concealed lighting, with hanging lights or focus lights to highlight certain artefacts and supplement the natural light in a room, it is advisable to plan the lighting design of your home ahead of time and make electrical provisions accordingly keeping the fixated points in mind.

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