The walls of your home and/or office should be kept stylish and attractive but clean and simple at the same time. The walls of your home should complement the interiors of the rest of the house. The same goes for the walls of your office. Office is your workplace and so, the walls of your office should be kept elegant, simple and at the same time attractive and catchy. Textured wall painting can do the trick for you. 

Textured wall painting is the art of painting your wall in an artistic style and not just simple and straight paint. The styles can include florals or aesthetic patterns that are unique and beautiful. It is a great choice which is trendy and can change the appearance of your house or office as a whole. Why limit yourself to a flat shade when you can create innumerable finishes to give your interiors a rich and distinct look and feel?


Now that we know how textured wall painting is a better option compared to flat paint, let us look at more of its advantages –


    If you are not sure whether or not to go for textured walls, you should definitely give it a go! If you happen to shift to a new house in the future and sell this property, the value of this house will increase due to its ambience. The visual appeal will increase due to the textured walls which will give you a good value for your property.


    During renovations or during any other work that is done in your house, there are some mistakes which are bound to happen. Scratches on the walls or furniture are quite common. Flat paint sometimes is not able to hide these flaws and so they might not look good. However, if you go for textured wall painting, you can easily choose a style or design that can hide these walls and make your walls look good at the same time.


    Compared to flat paint, textured wall painting is a better option. Why? This is because flat paint, when done, is easier to catch on dust and dirt and has to be regularly cleaned. The walls look dirty if they are not cleaned everyday in the case of flat paint. In the case of textured walls, they are known to keep the walls cleaner for a longer period of time and do not need cleaning regularly. They do not acquire dust so easily and so is the most convenient option for you.


    The most important feature of textured wall painting is the look it gives you. It complements the interior of your house and so makes it look stylish and attractive. You can boast about your house in front of your friends and family and recommend the same to them. Choose your own design according to your style and get them painted.

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