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Wall Textured Painting services

Textured Wall Painting

When you’re painting your house, office, or workspace, you think of color. But why limit creativity to a flat shade, no matter how pretty? A textured wall can give any room a distinct look, and change its feel entirely.

Choose from innumerable finishes, and create your own that our painters will fulfil. You can have the serene finish  of ocean waves, the ageless look of Italy, or the vibrance of Africa. The texture and design of your wall will influence the feel your room gives when it’s walked into, and we will help you select and create it.

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Does textured painting require different paint than regular painting?2021-02-07T08:24:16+00:00

Textured paint is a different type of paint, that contains materials to make the paint thicker and easier to create patterns on. These materials often include sand, silica particles, and other similar synthetic materials. Textured paints come in multiple varieties, but don’t usually contain color. Color is applied as a top coat, after the texture has dried.

What kind of texture is best for my walls?2021-02-07T08:28:10+00:00

While choosing a texture for your walls, it is important to visualize what you want, before you start painting. The texture you pick should go with the overall feel of the room, whether it’s with respect to color, lighting, or furniture. Avoid picking something that makes your room look crowded. Pick colors and textures according to your interiors, and not the other way round.