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Floor Repair Service

Floor Repair

Does your wooden flooring have a dent, because you dropped a cabinet on it too quickly? Or has it developed scratches with constant food and furniture traffic?

Don’t worry about floor damage anymore, because at Real Fix, we have professional handymen who offer all kinds of floor repair. Creaking floorboards, scratches surfaces, dented parquet flooring, or scratched tiles – we can fix it all.

It doesn’t matter whether your flooring is concrete, tile, laminate, or engineered wood. We provide repair for all flooring materials, indoor and outdoor, meeting all the requirements you may have.

Why Choose Us?

Versatile floor repair services

Experienced professionals for wooden, parquet, vinyl, and other floor repair

Cost effective flooring restoration and refurbishment

Quick responses, assessment, and services for your damaged floor


How are scratches on wooden flooring repaired?2021-02-13T11:25:36+00:00

Scratches can appear on hardwood and engineered wood floors from moving heavy luggage and furniture, pet claw marks, etc. These can be prominent or hairline, but can damage the floor over time. Sanding these floors can get rid of scratches – something that can get really messy and inconvenient if not done by professionals.

Do I need to hire a professional floor repair service if my laminate or tiles are uneven?2021-02-13T11:24:39+00:00

We recommend, yes. It may look like something you can do yourself, but without experience and expertise, it’s easy to hammer nails into the wrong places, apply too much adhesive, or hurt yourself. The professionals at Real Fix will ensure that your tiles are fitted well and you don’t face these issues again.