Fully functional kitchen equipment is essential to your restaurant or catering operation in Dubai. When things go wrong you need a rapid and effective response.

Our specialist technicians have many years of expertise in the servicing, repair, maintenance and cleaning of professional kitchen equipment. We are experts in refrigeration, including walk-in rooms, cooking ranges and equipment, exhaust, extraction and filtration equipment and more. We are experts in mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) situations with specific expertise in commercial kitchens.


We have expertise in repair and maintenance of all kinds of commercial refrigeration equipment. This includes upright fridges and freezers as well as chest style and walk-in equipment. Whether its emergency response needed, or routine maintenance we have it covered. Expertise includes:

  • Replacement of compressor
  • Repair and replacement of condenser and evaporator units.
  • Refilling of refrigerant.
  • Replacement of fans, motors and sensors.

Cooking Equipment

Whether powered by gas or electric, our team has the expertise to have your equipment in working order. Our skilled engineers can repair and replace almost any component in a cooker range or individual appliance. Expertise includes:

  • Replacement of fans and motors.
  • Cleaning and replacement of nozzles and related components.
  • Replacement of sensors.

Exhaust, Extraction & Filtration

Our skilled engineers are experts in disassembly, cleaning, repair and replacement of extraction and filtration equipment. Expertise includes:

  • Replacement of filters.
  • Replacement of sensors.
  • Repair and replacement of fan motors and related components.
  • Cleaning of commercial ducting.